US Memorial Day Weekend 2018

US Memorial Day Weekend :  What is US Memorial Day 2018 Weekend, What is the Meaning and History of Memorial Day, What does Memorial Day mean ?, Memorial Day definition, Why do we celebrate Memorial Day. We are providing in this article that What is US Memorial day 2018 and how you can celebrate US Memorial Day Weekend 2018 .

US Memorial Day Weekend 2018

Some people are confused Memorial Day between Veteran’s Days. These both days are celebrated for different reasons.

What is US Memorial Day Weekend?


US Memorial Day is the most important day in the United State Calendar. On Memorial Day we all honor all the American soldiers who died fighting for the country. We call it as Memorial Day weekend because it is celebrate in 3 day weekend. US Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May month every year. US Memorial Day weekend is on 28th May 2018.

What do People do on Memorial Day Weekend in us?

us memorial day weekend

On this day of Memorial Day 2018 all people go to the cemeteries of died soldiers. They give as a respect to the soldiers a US flag is placed on their graves. All people go on picnic and enjoy the Memorial Day holidays with their families and friends.

All people should not forget their importance of the last Monday of May 2018. They should remember the people who died for the country.

What You Should Do on this US Memorial Day 2018?

happy memorial day

happy memorial day

All people should enjoy Memorial Day 2018 weekend on the Saturday and Sunday holiday but Monday is the Memorial Day on 28th May 2018. It is the least do for the American soldiers who died while serving for their America country, for you. So you can go out do shopping with your friends and family on the Memorial Day 2018

All people will go to cemetery of our soldiers a Grand Salute to all those who sacrifice their life for the AmericaHappy Memorial Day Weekend 2018 to all you guys.


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